Welcome address Carsten Niemann on behalf of the organizing committee

Paolo Ghia: CLL - a complex disease

Carsten Niemann & Anders Österborg: State of the art in treatment of CLL

Susan O’Brien: New drugs in the pipeline

Elias Campo: The genomic landscape of CLL: have we got lost?

Jennifer Brown: Incorporation of Microenvironmental Findings into Design of New Clinical Trials

Jennifer Woyach: Mutations and resistance to small therapeutic molecules

C.I. Edvard Smith: The History of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase

Richard Rosenquist Brandell & Davide Rossi: How to identify high-risk patients?

Peter Hillmen: How to treat high-risk patients


Workshop: Presentation of Nordic Guidelines on Diagnostics and Treatment

Discussion of discrepancies and similarities between guidelines

Real real-world / Registry-based studies

Nordic CLL Group: planned and future activites

Michael Hallek: The future of therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia